The Nigerian Nomad

Abdul Lawal. 22. Wollongong, Australia.

Nigerian-born. Australian Made. Determined to see it all.

Wollongong may be where I call home, but the more I travel, the stronger my wanderlust gets. There’s simply nothing like it – the fear and excitement of leaving behind everything you know, the incredible potential of the unknown. Not just leaving your comfort zone, but constantly expanding it; feeling at home in places you never thought it possible.

This blog has become a journal. It’s a catalogue of my greatest experiences, a record of the highest highs and the lowest lows, and a diary for my strongest thoughts; be prepared for some occasional foul language.

To make my blog easy to navigate, I’ve organised my posts into categories. Keep in mind that a single post is likely overlap a few different categories.

  • Creative – Short stories, poems, and creative writing
  • Personal – Stemming from a personal experience, and usually very close to my heart
  • Self Improvement – All about bettering yourself
  • Short and Sweet – Quick, easy reads
  • Travel – Thoughts, places I’ve been and things I’ve experienced while away
  • Update – My latest personal travel update.

I hope to really connect with people by openly sharing my thoughts and experiences as honestly as I can. I want to challenge you’re perceptions and norms, and compel you to consider things in ways you haven’t before. I want to make you feel, ponder and act. And in the end, I hope to create a blog that you will enjoy coming back to time and time again.