She was once but a kitten.

Timid, naive.

She believed it was her duty to put the world before herself.

She laboured.

She fought.

She cared.


But her fangs weren’t quite long enough.

Her claws, not quite sharp enough.

Her skin, not quite thick enough.

Her heart, not quite tough enough.


And the world beat her down.

Her fur became matted with disappointment, her skin scarred with the sharp barbs left by those who took advantage.

She would take it no longer.

The change was slow, laborious and wrought with setback.

The change was inevitable, unrelenting, and completely irreversible.


The new Cat is fierce.

She is no longer afraid of the fight.

She is elegant.

She is sleek.

She is smart.

She is patient.

And she will hunt you like prey.


Take heed.

The new Cat has grown razor sharp claws, dagger like fangs, and a rapier wit.


She is a predator.

A lover.

And a dreamer.






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