Day 30: My 30 Day Writing Challenge

At last, it’s done.

After 30 days and 30 posts, I finally know how Frodo felt.

day 30

It was exhausting. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get it done, but I’m incredibly proud of myself for sticking with it. A lot of other things had to take a back seat, and I often struggled. I only pushed through because it was something I didn’t want to give up on, and I knew I’d look back on it all with an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Let’s take a look at the month that was.

The first week started off strong. I had a few drafts lined up ready to go, including Trump’s America and Crimson. It was about day 7 that I fell into a slump, and I was scrambling to come up with decent topics to write about. I was pretty happy with “Our Precious Mind“, but I was generally relying on some very shallow topics to get me through. Each post was taking way too long, and I started to get pretty disheartened.

Why Do You Write was a mid-challenge highlight, and a little bit of a pick me up. It inspired a video from my Blogger/Vlogger friend Adelaide, which really made me feel appreciated as writer.

I seemed to pick up my game towards the end. Flooded is, by far, the best piece of writing that I’ve ever produced. Out of the 30 days, it is the post that I am most proud of. It makes me realise how rewarding it is to write about things that matter, often the things that are personal, raw, and real. It also cemented my desire to further pursue my creative writing, and explore the richness of that medium.

Towards the end, The Central Limit Theorem was published as a valiant attempt to write something worth while on the same day as a major uni assessment. It simply cemented what I already knew;

2 things at once
Though I’m sure there are SOME exceptions… (source)

I feel like my writing challenge did exactly what I hoped. I can now write more efficiently, with purpose, and almost at will. I am quick to recognise whether something is worth writing, and amend it if I feel that it doesn’t have any gravity. I have a much better idea of what works for me as a writer and a blogger, and what readers might respond to. Above all, the Challenge helped me to take writing seriously. I have a much better idea of which direction I want my blog to head in, and how I hope to get there.

My 30 Day Writing Challenge is finally over, but my journey as a writer goes on.




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