Get Creative

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty high chance that you’re a blogger. In fact, you’ve probably got a piece of writing in the works right now.

You’re reaction to my pin-point prediction. (Source)

There is power in the words that we use, and how we choose to use them.

The right words can provide order, and make sense of an often chaotic world. Naming your emotions can help you to tame them, and better understand what you’re feeling. In the same way, writing about your thoughts can help you to explore them further. Well crafted words can provide order and structure. They can also set you free.

Creative writing is about expression. It’s about releasing your wildest ideas and thoughts, letting them flow out onto the page, and allowing them to flourish into a world of their own. It can bring out your inner child, and take you back to a time when you weren’t confined by what was “possible”. Everything that is too abstract to contain, too radical to comprehend, or too frivolous for the real world, is celebrated in creative writing. When you write creatively, there are simply no limits.

If they tell you that it’s impossible to imagine a new colour, you can tell them that there is a whole world of colour that we just haven’t experienced yet; but we can describe it, dream about it, and without a doubt, write about it. Your imagination is infinite, and when you write, you get to tap into that infinity. You get to bring to life something that may have never existed before, and present it for people to experience.

When I first started The Nigerian Nomad, I used to think that writing was just writing, regardless of what type. After a while, I realised that spending time on my more creative pieces was rewarding in ways that other parts of my blog weren’t.

If you, like me, are learning to appreciate the world through the lens of the written word, don’t be afraid to get creative. Creative writing is an outlet. It’s a vessel for the intangible, an incubator for the original, and a catalyst for the unconventional.

Let your imagination run wild, and keep an eye on it. Watch it stretch, develop, and grow.

And watch as you inevitably grow with it.






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