There are seasons

That are abundant in blue skies

And awash with a mellow sunshine

For days on end.

They make you feel radiant

Like nothing can hold you back

As if you’ll never come down from the high.


And there are seasons

That are dark, violent

Wrought with raging storms.

You are caught

In a never ending tempest

That soaks your core

That drowns your essence

That leaves a chill within your soul.


Oh, you know it’s raining

But you don’t notice the flood that’s rising

Creeping higher, insidious

And slowly engulfing you.

It gets harder to move

It gets harder to live

But you don’t know why

Until the ground suddenly gives way,

And you find yourself stranded

And alone

In the middle of an endless black sea.


You are sinking.

Enough to know that you’re drowning

But not enough to put you under for good

Not enough to end the misery

And not enough to numb the pain.

Every effort is useless.

Misery. Confusion. Frustration.

Complete and utter exhaustion.

A sea of desolation

And absolutely no way out.


Everyone else?

Bone dry.

They cruise around in boats.

They wave at you from the wharf.

They lounge about in the sunshine

That you can’t even feel.

With the best of intentions,

They offer some really shit advice.

“Have you tried paddling?”

You’d need a boat for that.

“Just keep your head up”

As if you’d never tried that before.

“I liked you better when you were dry”

You liked you better then too.


Why can’t they see

That you’re doing everything you can?

How badly you wish things were different?

How hard it is just to keep your head above water?

To resist the urge to give up

And let your body slip under?

To them,

It’s just a bit of drizzle

And some don’t even need an umbrella

No understands

That you might not be coping with the rain

As well as everyone else.


Bad weather happens to us all

But you could never have prepared

For the storm that tore off your roof

Or the sea of rising water

That engulfed everything you once held dear

Or the torrential downpour

That washed away every facet

Of who you used to be.

You’ve forgotten

What it feels like to bask in the sunshine

What it feels like to enjoy a blue sky

And what it feels like to be dry.


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