Am I an evil person?

Tropfest 2017 is the world’s largest short-film festival, with some absolutely brilliant films being produced each year. I was particularly struck by a film called Passenger: I don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to click the link to watch the 7 minute movie before you read the rest of this blog post.

You have to watch the video! The Tropfest pineapple is judging you… (source)

Intrusive Thoughts are unwelcome thoughts, images, or unpleasant ideas that can be quite distressing, and difficult to eliminate.

They’re incredibly common, and completely normal. We all have them, those unwelcome thoughts or images that come out of the blue, that we might even feel guilty for thinking. Sometimes I have thoughts that are quite malicious, like when I’ve imagined tripping a stranger down the stairs. As long as I don’t act on them, the thoughts alone don’t make me an evil person. Sometimes they come to mind simply because of how outrageous they are.

While having these thoughts is normal, obsessing over them is not. Struggling to push those unpleasant thoughts away can have them coming back over and over again, and can cause a lot of distress. It’s often best to acknowledge the thought, accept it, and to just let it float on by.

(I wanted to embed the Passenger video from YouTube, but I could only find it on the Red Bull website. So here’s another link to the intended video, and an embedding of a totally unrelated Tropfest film.)



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