I am a dreamer, a schemer, a hopeless romantic

Deep within lies a slow burning fire

There are no limits to what I hope to achieve,

Skills and talent that I hope to acquire


I aspire to greatness in sports

To writing that truly transcends

To bring people joy with my music

To be a Nomad with a world full of friends


There is no such thing as too busy

For endless hard work is the key

Mastery takes time, and I am determined

To be the very best I can be.



I am plagued by an insidious fear

Of falling short in all I hold dear.



I’m a chilli pepper with no bite. I am a boxer with no fight.

I am as tepid as the forgotten cup of tea.

I am a distant star never to light up the night;

Mediocre is all I am doomed to be.


Perhaps my hubris will cause my defeat,

Am I flying too close to the sun?

Am I stretched too thin? Over-ambitious and naive,

Have I lost before I’ve begun?


A painful appraisal, perhaps, but the truth

That when all is said and done

For all my talent, ambition and drive; I remain

A Jack of all Trades,


but master of none.




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