Life’s a Beach

Beach soccer. Like regular soccer, but with a lot more bicycles.

So many bicycles, they’re calling it the Tour-de-Sand. (Source)

Every year, the NSW Police Force comes together to compete in the NSW PCoS Games. This year, they’ve chosen my home town of Wollongong as their battle ground.

There are 30 different sports being played across the week, and I had the pleasure of refereeing during today’s Beach Soccer Tournament. 80 police officers on the beach, and I was the one with the whistle. I think I’m still coming down from the power rush…

I absolutely love playing beach soccer, but it was good to take a step back and get involved from a different perspective. It was my job to explain the rules, keep the games flowing, and to help make sure that everyone felt they’d had a fair game. It really gives you an appreciation for everything that has to happen to make sport work, and a deep respect for match officials.

12 teams, 3 fields, and one awesome day of sport.

Life’s a beach, and I’m just playing in the sand.

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