Nature does not hurry.

Life is isn’t always easy.

We all encounter grinding obstacles standing in the way of our goals, back breaking challenges between us and what we hope to achieve. We hit seemingly insurmountable walls that we must scale, with no conceivable way around them. It’s easy to despair when our efforts seem to make no difference, easy to believe that we may never persist through the  ordeal.

It is the tranquility of nature that lends us the answer.

Nature simply does what it must. Even in the harshest conditions, against the greatest of odds, nature always perseveres. Seeds that lie in the soil for years, waiting for the perfect conditions. Forests that are ravished by bushfire, and once again become luscious and bristling with life. Tall and mighty trees that once struggled in the undergrowth, and now tower in the canopy above the rest. Years may pass without any noticeable change, but there’s only ever one outcome.

Slowly, gradually, nature will succeed.

Approach each life challenge with the same single minded tenacity, unshakable resolve, and seemingly bottomless depth of patience, and there is nothing that you won’t conquer.


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