Why do you write?

Day 15. I’m at the halfway mark of my 30 Day Writing Challenge, so I’m going to be very meta and write about writing.

I’ve been singing this song now for hours… (source)

Whenever I’m pressed for time, I inevitably start to question why I’m putting myself through such a commitment. Today, I’m going a step further. Why do I write? I don’t have to do it, I certainly don’t get paid, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Why bother with this blog?

Realistically, there’s no simple answer to that question. I genuinely enjoy writing for it’s own sake, and it makes me feel competent and accomplished. The process itself can be quite therapeutic, but there’s so much more to it.

The Nigerian Nomad originally started as a travel blog, but I’ve realised it was always about building a platform. It’s fun to share my travel stories and some of my life highlights, but I seem to have permanently progressed beyond solely that. I like being analytical and exploring ideas from different perspectives, and it’s something I hope to do more of. I want to use my blog to start challenging what we consider to be “normal”, and confront our set ways of looking at the world.

I love getting creative, and using my mind in ways that I really don’t get to anywhere else. In no other facet of my life can I let my imagination off the leash, encourage my mind to wander from one impossible thought to the next, and bring closer to reality things that can never actually exist. It’s nice to be able to think a little differently to the expected norm.

I also think it’s incredibly important to address the things that aren’t being talked about. Specifically, mental illness and well-being are things that I will never shy away from writing about, openly and candidly. I’ve touched on my personal experiences with mental illness in the past, and I plan to continue to do my best to use this platform to help breakdown the stigma surrounding the experience mental illness as a whole.

Regardless of what I write about, I love the fact that I start with a blank screen and end up with ideas, perspectives, and often entire worlds that didn’t exist in reality before I wrote them down. Writing becomes a physical manifestation of my mental musings, and evidence of my efforts to connect with people.

Above all, it’s this need to connect that motivates me to write most. If my writing was never to be seen by others, it simply wouldn’t be the same. I genuinely enjoy writing for writing’s sake, but external gratification is a hell of a drug. With every like, follow and positive piece of feedback, all of the time and effort that I put in feels a little more worth it.

To any bloggers or writers that may have stumbled upon this post, to you I pose the question; Why do you write?

And to my handful of readers, followers and supportive friends, a simple thanks. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey, and helping me to develop for the better. I truly hope it leads to great things.


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