Niagara Falls


With roughly 2,271,247 litres of water flowing over the edge of these falls every single SECOND (source), Niagara falls are a natural landmark of absolutely phenomenal proportions. I took this photo the day I arrived in Canada, and it must have been a sign of great things to come.

After my summer camp finished up in America, I flew into Canada and met up with my old friend May. I met her way back when I did Exchange in England at the start of 2015, and it was cool meeting up again in a completely different country.

Our visit got off to a shaky start. We checked into our Bed and Breakfast, and it turned out to be the shadiest accommodation that I have ever had the displeasure of walking in to. It was old and rickety, dirty and unkempt, incredibly run down and in desperate need of maintenance.

We managed to survive the first night, and woke up ready to see the sights.


First up was the Maid of the Mist, a boat that took us right into the spray at the bottom of the falls. We got so close that the boat began to rock, and the spray was too thick to be able to see anything without wearing sun glasses to shield our eyes. It was SO INVIGORATING!


Once I’d calmed down from all of the excitement, we went to see “Niagara’s Fury”, a 4D movie experience that told the story of how Niagara Falls was formed. We were treated to a 360 degree screen, tilting/twisting/vibrating floors, rain, mist and snow falling around us, and an immersive 3D story. It was actually pretty cool.

Managed to take this photo before all the rain started.

After a spot of lunch, we went to check out the Journey Behind the Falls. We walked through a set of tunnels that went under the river itself, and ended up behind the curtain of falling water.

Casually hanging out beneath a few billion litres of water.

We finished it all off with the White Water Walk, heading down river from the falls themselves and walking alongside the bank. A few kilometres down, and the water was still incredibly powerful.

Base jumping not recommended.

I loved it. My trip to Niagara Falls is one of my favourite travel experiences to date, and the Falls are by far the most amazing landmark I’ve ever seen. All 4 experiences came in a package that cost around 60 bucks, and it was well worth it.


We finished it all off by spending a few hours in the nearby town of Niagara on the Lake. After exploring the well preserved 19th-century village, we took the time to sit in a park and enjoy some delicious locally made ice -cream.

It was a brilliant start to my epic 3 month adventure in Canada.



5 thoughts on “Niagara Falls

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      I have to confess, I’m actually writing a lot of this in hindsight. I had 6 month adventure from June to December of 2016 that included 2.5 months in America (where I worked at a summer camp) and 3 months just living in Canada. There are just so many things I never got round to writing about!


      1. That’s perfectly normal. Most writers write from hindsight because it is much more comfortable and convenient. I do that a lot. For me, I focus about the travel experience first then I write about it. I don’t want to mix both. I think it only spoils my holiday.


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