The trees, the grass, the leaves. The fields and forests speckled with sunshine. The isolated tufts of weeds that push through the cracks in the concrete, and the slender stems of flowers yet to bloom. The lichen spreading across a crumbling brick wall, and the subtle coat of moss on an old stone path.

They are all part of a soothing celebration of life. The vivid, the subtle, the gorgeously bright and the endlessly deep; the luscious Green that surrounds us all. It is an essence that spreads by the millimeter, a constant force that extends beyond us, around us, and through us. It invigorates our very presence.

Do you feel it?

A rejoicing of all that lives. Everything that pushes roots into the soil, that draws breath into its lungs, that swims beneath the surface of the water, and that soars through the sky. From the the smallest of organisms, to the elephant in the jungle, we are all connected by the same enriching aura.

And you?

You are a seedling, reaching for the sky. You follow the same journey as the thinnest vine in the undergrowth or the thickest tree in the forest.

You climb.

You advance inch by inch, taking advantage of every nook and every crevice, heaving yourself towards a canopy that only you can see. You leave behind the safety and comfort of the soil beneath you, and you reach for lofty heights. You defy a force stronger than gravity, and force back the apprehension of your mind.

That is the challenge that inspires you to grow beyond all else. To defeat the mind and endeavour to rise, you are patient, relentless, and determined. You let your soul be filled with the aura of the galvanising Green around you. It becomes the oxygen that fills your lungs, and feeds the energy to your cells.

You are no longer dettered by the arduous journey between you and your goal, because you know that it was the humble acorn nestled in the soil that eventually became the mighty oak.

You simply take a deep breath, and begin to climb.

1. The Majestic Oak, Majestic Oaks Housing Development, Savannah

This person told me that green was their favourite colour, their room was essentially a plant nursery, and that they loved rock climbing. I initially started to write a poem, but it very quickly developed beyond that into what it is now.





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