Life on Two Wheels


It looks cool, it feels incredible, and someone even told me it was sexy. Yet nothing makes me more aware of my own mortality than hurtling down the highway on a motorcycle at 100 km/h.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of borrowing my brother’s bike for a few short days. I have to say, it’s been a hell of a ride.

yeah pun
Pun most definitely intended. (Source)

I can accelerate faster on that bike than I have at any other point in my life. I’ve ridden through mid-city streets, on major highways, during morning rush hour traffic and through the midnight solitude. Wherever I ride, I am always starkly aware that I’m only one slip away from death or serious maiming. It’s exhilarating, mind bending and a little nerve-wracking.

Every time I get on the bike, I’m reminded of just how fragile life really is.

Right now, the world is being torn apart by greed, xenophobia, and petty ideological differences. Religion, Athiesm, Nihilism, Existentialism; regardless of how you think we arrived in this life, or why you think we’re here in the first place, the undeniable truth is that we won’t be here forever. Savour the time you have left on this earth.

Appreciate all of the positivity in your life, and learn to let go of the negative. Hold your loved ones close, and give your pets an extra cuddle. Give love to others freely, and it’ll make it easier for them to love you back. Find the things that make you happy, and focus on them above all else. Be mindful that your time is limited.

Life is the longest thing you will ever do, but you only have one shot at it. Don’t waste it collecting regrets. Live a life such that when your wheels eventually leave the road, you’ll be glad you were there for the ride.




2 thoughts on “Life on Two Wheels

  1. I particularly like the line that says, “Don’t waste it collecting regrets.” This is so true. Life has its ups and downs but we need to make the most of our situations. We shouldn’t waste time complaining. We can instead choose to learn from our good and bad experiences and move forward. Thanks for sharing.


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