Our Precious Mind

Plant your thoughts and watch them grow

Like seedlings sprouting row by row

Our minds are fertile soil from which

Our consciousness we sow


But are we just a brain? Could we be nothing more?

Are we conscious, mindful creatures, or is there nothing at our core?

Are our bodies only built to keep our brains up off the floor?


I searched my precious mind, and came up dry.


So share the secrets that you know,

Make clear what others fail to show

Enlighten me, dear friend

Tell me why it must be so


Why do people fall in love? Why do we all cry?

Why am I astounded by the beauty of your eyes?

Why do some of us rejoice, while others hope to die?


Search your precious mind, and tell me why.

A good friend of mine studies psychology, and is interested in how our brains work. I began writing this poem for them based on the three things that they told me, and it really took on a life of its own.

green leaf



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