If you’re an avid blogger, you’ve definitely come to this realisation yourself.

A close friend of mine gave me the idea to write yesterday’s post as a response to my “Why” blog post. My exact words were “Hells yeah, it’ll take me an hour tops! I’ve pretty much written it already, all I have to do is respond to the questions!”

When I hit “Publish” 4 hours later, I had well and truly eaten my words, along with a nice serving of humble pie.

My least favourite flavour of pie. (Source)

Quality takes time. I’m not even talking about perfection, mind blowing insight, or uproarious humour. Base level writing that I can be satisfied with involves significant time investment, along with some serious effort and a keen attention to detail. There are just so many extra factors that have to be given due attention, like formulating ideas, making articles flow, and finding the right visuals.

This has become blatantly evident throughout my 30 Day Writing Challenge. Once I moved beyond polishing off old drafts to be posted during the first few days, I began coming up with the ideas for what I wanted to post on the same day that I wrote, edited and published them. As much as I’d like to produce nothing but my most amazing work, it turns out that not every single post can be a raging success.

Under such strict time constraints, there simply have to be some that are a bit lighter and quicker, post that are hopefully still entertaining, but allow me to invest in my more profound articles. Attempting to rush the deeper stuff would be incredibly stressful, and would only result in me falling short of what I know I can be capable of.

I also want to make sure that on the days when life gets too busy, I don’t feel an unhealthy amount of pressure or stress when it comes to writing. This blog is only one of the many things I want to devote my time to, and it’s important to me that I keep a balance across all of my commitments and passions.

Every now and then, I’ll only have time for a 4 line poem before bed, but I’m OK with that. It just means that I don’t burn out, and that I leave myself enough personal resources to be able to kick ass again somewhere down the line.





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