Life Always Goes On

Like the seasons, you are always shifting
Never settling in one place
Except when you stop to etch down the hard lines
And soft curves of your subject’s face

Is it peculiarity that impels you to draw?
Like the scrotum skin of a hairless cat?
Or great feats of impossible nature,
Lick your elbow? No one can do that

Yes life is unpredictable and tumultuous and strange,
Like the weather of the the earth we walk upon
But life may rumble and tumble and change,
And you’ll know that life always goes on.

After telling me 3 things about herself, I wrote this poem on the spot for a colleague of mine. She told me that she had a hairless cat, she liked change, and that she could lick her elbow. She also added that she loved to draw, and I decided to incorporate it.

It’s a very simple exercise, but I actually really enjoy it. I get to explore some simple poetry and flex my creative muscle. If you’d like me to write you a poem, feel free to leave a comment and tell me at least 3 things about yourself.


4 thoughts on “Life Always Goes On

  1. My three things:

    – I love to eat Bananas but not lady finger bananas as they feel to small when they’re in my mouth
    – I translated Mien Kampf from German to Swedish because I feel Swedish people don’t value capitalism enough
    – When I hear the train stop Wolli Creek I can’t help but think about wooly sheep

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