So Beautiful

After an incredible 6 month adventure in North America, there were a few things that I was weary of as my time overseas was coming to an end.

I was worried about slipping back into the same old habits and making the same mistakes, as I have done in the past. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to moving back in with mum, and once again feeling stifled and hampered from doing the amazing things that I know I can be capable of. Most of all, I was worried that I’d go back to using up all my free time on things that didn’t actually add any value to my life.

Thankfully, not many of my fears have been realised thus far, and things have actually been pretty sweet.

A spot of coastal sunshine on a day trip down to Shellharbour.

I’m finally feeling a passion and zeal for life that I haven’t truly felt in years. It’s intoxicating, and it’s probably the greatest thing to happen as a result of my taking a year off. I want to ride this wave of determination and ambition for as long as possible, and I feel like I don’t ever want to slow down. There are just so many new and exhilarating things happening for me right now.

I was lucky enough to get to house sit during my first week back. I spent a week on my own at my brother’s newly built house, and it was absolutely beautiful. Between the walk-in pantry and the 80-inch smart TV, it felt like living in a luxury mansion. It was amazing having the place to myself, with no one to answer to and no true responsibility besides caring for one friendly little cat.

Having a week alone actually really helped me to refine my goals, and begin weeding out some unhelpful habits. One episode on Netflix was more than enough to make me itchy to be doing something more productive, and video games began to lose their appeal. It made me more focused on the things I’d rather be doing: creating, learning, and self-improving.

It was the perfect catalyst for me to start living life the way I’ve been yearning to back here in Australia, and galvanised me to start working towards the things I want to achieve. In the near future, I hope to become a better musician, a better writer, and a diligent, highly successful student.

Here’s a video of me working on one of my goals while house sitting, featuring my brother’s cheeky tea-loving cat.



I actually wrote the final draft of this post roughly 6 weeks ago, and there have been some very awesome developments since. Some of them have taken up quite a lot of time and pulled me away from my blog, but they have been 100% worth it.

But I’ll be back with a vengeance. Stay tuned for some very big things to come.

To all of my awesome SMC and Discovery Day students, you guys rock. Keep doing you.


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