Finding my way as a writer.

To one day be paid for my writing would be a dream come true.

I know it’s possible. If I work hard and take the right steps, I might some day receive recognition for my work in the form of some sweet, sweet cash; but I have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do to get there. To start with, I really should be writing more often –  I need to expand, build experience, and improve my skills.

I recently decided to write for a site called BayArt. They’re an online blog centering on things like positivity, enlightenment and self-improvement – all ideals that I can readily get behind.

There’s a conglomeration of online authors that contribute articles to the site. Consequentially, the quality of BayArt articles can range from very simplistic (especially when written by someone for whom English is not their first language), to very rich and well written.

It looked to be the perfect platform for me to write an inspirational article, a piece that could perhaps give someone the boost they needed to make a positive change in their life. It was also a chance to write without pressure, something light and fun that I wouldn’t have to edit to death.

In a blatantly shameful use of clickbait, it’s titled “The only thing holding you back from success”. Check it out here on the BayArt website.

I feel less stoppable already.

Looking back, I’m a little disheartened. I like the article I wrote, but I’m not sure it’s a style I’ll be writing in too often. I want to steer clear of tired cliches, clickbait titles, and elegant puff pieces that don’t really offer all that much. I want to discover more about the world, learn to recognise it for what it truly is, and explore it all in my writing. I want to take deep and intriguing concepts, and communicate them in a way that makes my readers feel enriched for reading it.

BayArt is a beautiful idea, and an often very heart warming blog. However, I appreciate it most for making me realise that that style of writing just isn’t for me. Reminiscent of closing the Gap, it’s brought me one step closer to being the writer I one day hope to be.


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