It all began with a tiny speck of gold, right at the point of contact; tentative at first, but growing stronger with each passing moment. Out bloomed a vibrant pink, growing with a spirited determination. It soon gave way to the warm hues of orange slowly spilling across the page, bubbling and melting into a fiery red that galloped away from the source. Leaking from the red were sluggish pools of yellow; not battling with the others, but content to simply mellow amidst them.

Bushels of green began to sprout throughout the page, blooming in the vibrance of the colours around them; while a wave of blue proclaimed its presence, confidently flowing along beneath all of the gaiety. A timid purple tiptoed amongst the colours; only to be dazzled by the whisps of unencumbered white rushing by, twirling and dancing around the page and inviting the others to join them in their frivolous jig.

Amongst it all stood 2 figures, swathed in grey and black, stoic and unmoving; but they could not resist the army of colour that had invaded the world around them.

They did not want to.

Such a chaotic party of pastels, a glorious orgy of flavours, the overwhelming rush of all of one’s senses bursting to life. An unprecedented storm of emotion, their world illuminated like never before; lovers with opportunity thrust upon them. They welcomed the chance to be lost in this tempest of colour.

And a little bit of pink began to blossom in their heart.


“Whirlwind”, an artwork by Steph Hazelton.



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