If travel was free, you’d never see me again.

I’ve been dying to get creative and produce something to share with the world for quite a while now. Problem is, I have so many interests and hobbies – not to mention the myriad of different possible mediums – that I was never quite sure which to pick, or where to start.

But in the end, it became pretty clear. I’ve had so many random adventures, and I’ve always wished that I’d catalogued them all. On top of that, I really wanted an easy way to share them with people, without clogging up their news feed with a new picture everyday.

So – this is my blog.

My name is Abdul Lawal; 22 years old, hailing from Wollongong Australia. My blog will mostly be about the glorious roller-coaster of experience that is travel, but I have a pretty strong feeling that I’m gonna branch out into some of the million other topics that pop up whenever you leave your comfort zone and head off on adventures.

I was born in Nigeria and I grew up in Australia. Somewhere along the way, I decided that life is just so much richer when you dive into the unknown – and now there is simply no turning back.

I am the Nigerian Nomad.


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